The Limited Gold Pineapple Rhinestone Tassel Necklace


Brand new gold rhinestone pineapple tassel necklace, identical to the Lilly Pulitzer “Flamenco” necklace but with a heavier single chain (instead of the thin triple strand chain).

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Brand new gold pineapple rhinestone tassel necklace. Looks just like the sold out Lilly Pulitzer Flamenco necklace, but with a heavier chain. The Lilly Pulitzer version has a thin triple strand chain (the last picture has both necklaces so you can see them side-by-side). I wanted to show that the pineapples are identical, the only difference is the chain. Length of the chain is 28 inches.

If you prefer the thinner chain, you can always replace the existing chain. I would recommend getting a single chain though, the triple chain seems to remain twisted when wearing my Lilly Pulitzer necklace.


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